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Doug Parker is The DOuGTrainer

It’s a new paradigm.

The change you’ll see in your dog’s behavior is almost instantaneous, because it’s Nature’s natural programming. If you don’t see it, if you’re not witnessing Nature’s “amazing,” instant change, then you don’t pay.

You invite me to train you in Nature and Nature’s ways. Then, together, we train your dog, using what Nature uses in the wild. It works because it’s Nature, because Nature’s already has things in place, and because Nature always wins. It just makes sense.

You’ll trigger your dog to voluntarily submit to you—using no collars, no clickers, and no treats. His relaxed, voluntarily submissive behavior tells you 1) the relationship has been set, understood, and accepted, 2) his role gets defined, and 3) he’s voluntarily made you his leader. That’s how it works, because that’s how Nature works: it’s not about your dog.

Train the human.

Dogs follow Nature’s model. Dogs don’t follow human models. All human models fail, because Nature always wins. The closer you are to what Nature already has coded inside the dog, the better your success. That makes sense.

My role is to get you to be as good or better than I am at being your dog’s a) owner, b) leader, and c) teacher. Until then, I have work to do. Your dog’s behavior is what tells you when it’s time, not me. This is radically different from what you’re used to hearing, and different from how business models work.

When you’re ready, I step aside, you’re your dog’s leader, your dog is truly relaxed and voluntarily submissive. You win, and everybody wins.

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When is my dog relaxed?

  1. A cold, wet nose: 85% of dogs don’t have this.
  2. Open mouth breathing: 85% don’t have this.
  3. Lots of eye contact.
  4. Lots of yawning.
  5. Almost no barking.
  6. Barks are barks, not “squeaks.”
  7. Little attention to sounds.
  8. No greenish, glassy eyes.
  9. Lots of sleeping.

If he’s not relaxed, nobody’s going to be happy.

Learn The DOuGTrainer’s humane, live video techniques for developing a better relationship with your dog. No collars, clickers, or treats used. Call today to make an appointment and begin the journey to a lifelong connection with your companion. Click or call now: 725.222.3686

Your Dog’s Stress Level Quick Check

If your dog:

    1. isn’t compliant,
    2. isn’t mellow,
    3. is afraid,
    4. shows aggression,
    5. isn’t sweet,
    6. is insecure,
    7. is disagreeable,
    8. doesn’t seem to be bonded,
    9. needs socialization,
    10. isn’t well-behaved,
    11. isn’t well-mannered,
    12. is uncooperative,
    13. isn’t obedient,
    14. barks a lot,
    15. squeaks instead of barks,
    16. is hyper-attentive to sounds,
    17. has a warm, dry nose,
    18. rarely breathes through an open mouth,
    19. has a mouth that’s almost always closed,
    20. isn’t sleeping most of the time,
    21. is jumpy,
    22. has no boundaries and jumps up on people,
    23. explodes on the leash around dogs,
    24. has storms on the leash near people,
    25. leans up against furniture and walls,

they’re not relaxed, and they should be. Call me—the sooner the better. 725.222.3686

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Your dog isn’t relaxed? Your dog is aggressive? Destroys things? Barks? Pulls the leash? Nips? Bites? Lunges? Runs out the door? Anything else you can think of? Add it to your list. You’re positive your dog has the problem. Read on.

“I’ll show you how to wait patiently enough and long enough to trigger their submission: Nature’s submission. You’ll never force your dominance over them, yet your now calm, balanced dog lets you dominate them, and they like it. Yes, they want you to dominate them, but not until they’re ready.”

“That’s what you want. Nature always wins. You learn to get Nature to let you win.”—The DOuG Trainer

It’s About Patience, but the Culture Doesn’t Value Patience.

There’s the problem. The human culture doesn’t value, understand, teach, nurture, nor support patience. To be patient, an owner needs to have a foundation of patience. Lacking a foundation of patience, nothing changes or things get worse, and dogs keep behaving poorly.

No aggression. No e-collars. No clickers. No treats. It’s not about the dog: it’s almost never about the dog.

It’s about you. It’s all about training. It looks like it’s about dog training, and most people seem to think it’s about dog training, but that’s just not what really happens. It’s about people training. 

If you’re willing to do anything and everything to get to where you need to be to be your dog’s leader, then it’s very likely that The DOuG Trainer, or any dog trainer, can help. There’s no magic button that changes your dog’s behavior. Surprisingly, learning about your dog makes you learn a lot about yourself. Your dog is your mirror.


It’s an Awareness Thing

”Being aware of your awareness” makes people tilt their head like a puppy. ”Being aware” makes you be the better leader. Becoming aware is an inside job—you do it yourself, or it doesn’t get done. Nobody else does it for you and if you don’t do it, you don’t do it, and you’re back to where you were, having a 5-10 level, not-relaxed dog with problems.

Learn about yourself. Learn about your dog’s behaviors and your dog’s communication: they’re the same thing. Hopefully, you’re excited about calling The DOuG Trainer and you can’t wait until he shows up at your doorstep to help you with you and your favorite companion. It’s the attitude of a leader: leaders look at and learn about themselves, and in the process, they learn how they help others, they learn who they can help, and then they help.

Your dog picks up on your behaviors and responds to them moment-by-moment. If your behavior says that you’re not leading, Nature’s natural programming in your dog, like any program, triggers him to take over.

Lead or Follow?

Dog’s aren’t humans. They’re programmed to lead, but if there’s a stronger leader, they’re programmed to follow. If the dog determines the leader is missing, they’re programmed to lead. It’s Nature’s pendulum swing, and She does it in real time. It’s always changing. It never stops.

Dog’s behaviors are black and white—lead or follow. If you’re not leading, they lead. If they’re leading, then you’re a follower: you don’t want that.

Be a patient leader. Don’t get angry—anger doesn’t work. As you change, your dog’s behaviors change; it’s science. You have no idea how good it can get for both you and your dog! You are the source of the good—not your dog. When things aren’t going the way you want… look in the mirror. 

It’s Easy

It’s easy, but it’s hard; it’s hard, but it’s easy. The first time is always the hardest and usually takes the longest. That’s generally true for you and your dog. Your dog gets it immediately. The human takes a bit longer!

It’s about being a calm, patient leader—calm patience always wins. Your dog will sense that, she’ll detect when you’re expressing that and living that, and your calm patience will trigger Nature’s triggers to submit.

Submission is her job. Submission is the job you give her when you act calmly and patiently. Dogs like that; dogs want that. She has to know that she’s safe, protected, taken care of, and has a leader who’s consistently calm and patient. You win through being calm and patient. She wins when you’re being calm and patient, and an upward spiral starts that continues to get better and better as you both move forward, and grow, and learn about each other.

Positive, non-aggressive, mobile training, is usually provided at your home for your convenience, in Henderson, Las Vegas, and anywhere around the world—I train live, across the globe, through remote video, using Google Duo. Contact The DOuGTrainer at 725 . 222 . 3686. choose Contact from the menu, or go to the Contact page.