Training – Old Dogs, New Tricks, but Patience Is Required

Your dog isn’t calm? It’s aggressive? Destroys things? Barks? Pulls the leash? Nips? Bites? Lunges? Runs out the door? Anything else you can think of? Add it to your list. You’re positive it’s your dog that has the problem. Read on.

“You will never dominate your dog, but I’ll show you how to wait patiently enough and long enough, and you’ll cross the line where every dog will submit to you. You’ll trigger their submission: Nature’s submission. You’ll never dominate your dog, yet your now calm, balanced dog lets you dominate them, and they like it that way. Yes, they want you to dominate them, but not until they’re ready.

That’s what you want. Nature always wins. You never win, but you learn how get Nature to help let you win.”—The DOuG Trainer

It’s Just Leadership.

No aggression. No e-collars. No clickers. No treats. It’s not about the dog: it’s almost never about the dog.

It all has to do with you. It’s all about training. It looks like it’s about dog training, and most people seem to think it’s about dog training, but that’s just not what really happens. It’s about people training. 

If you’re willing to do anything and everything to get to where you need to be to be your dog’s pack leader, then it’s very likely that The DOuG Trainer, or any dog trainer, can help. If you’re hoping for a magic button that changes your dog’s behavior while you stay the same, then it’s doubtful any dog trainer is going to be able to do much. Surprisingly, learning about your dog makes you learn a lot about yourself. You’ll learn oodles about yourself as you begin to relate better and better with your dog.

Your dog is your mirror. I see the dog – I see the owner. I look at the owner – I can usually visualize their dog. There’s no hiding. It’s not magic, it’s more like science. Don’t be embarrassed, let this motivate you!

The Real Question

Ask yourself if you’re eager enough, interested enough, and passionate enough to learn as much as you can about you and your dog. Hopefully, you’re excited about calling The DOuG Trainer and you can’t wait until he shows up at your doorstep to help you with your favorite companion. That’s the attitude of a leader. Leaders continue to look at and learn about themselves, and in the process they help others.


On the other hand, if you leave The DOuG Trainer alone in a room to fix your dog while you go do laundry, cook dinner, or watch cable, that’s probably a lost cause. Your dog picks up your attitude and responds to it moment by moment. If your attitude tells your dog that you’re not leading, his programming tells him to take over.

Lead or Follow?

Doolie in SunglassesDog’s are not human. They’re programmed to lead, but if there’s a strong leader, they’re programmed to follow, but if their leader is suddenly missing, they’re programmed to lead. It’s a pendulum swing that Nature does, and She makes it happen in real time. We forget that it’s always changing. It never stops, although sometimes we do and we get stuck.

Dog’s behaviors are black and white – lead or follow. If you’re not leading, they will lead. If they’re leading, then you’re unwittingly agreeing to be their follower, and you don’t want that.

Don’t be a weak leader, and don’t get angry at them (don’t get angry period) when they disappoint you. Don’t be a weak leader and expect them to follow you. Don’t be a weak leader and expect them to be faithful followers. In all of these cases, you’re asking for the impossible. You’re sending mixed messages. As you change, so will your dog’s behavior change. It’s science. You have no idea how good it can get for both you and your dog! You have to be the source of the good, not your dog.

It’s Easy?

It’s not easy, but it’s also not hard. The first time is always the hardest and usually takes the longest. That’s generally true for you and for your dog. Your dog usually gets it immediately. The human sometimes takes a little bit longer!

It’s all for the goal of becoming the calm, patient leader. Calm patience always wins. Your dog will sense when you have that, she’ll sense when you’re owning that, expressing that, and living that, and she’ll adjust her behavior and your calm patience will trigger Nature’s triggers inside of her to submit to you.

Submission is her new job. Submission is the job you give her when you act calmly and patiently and you trigger her to submit. She likes that, and most dogs want that. She has to know that she’s safe, protected, taken care of, and has a leader who’s consistently calm and patient. You win when you’re being calm and patient. She wins when you’re being calm and patient, and an upward spiral starts that continues to get better and better as you both move forward, and grow, and learn about each other.

Positive, non-aggressive, mobile training, is usually provided at your home for your convenience, in Henderson and Las Vegas. Phone calls are preferred. Contact The DOuGTrainer at , choose Contact from the menu, or go to the Contact page.

Video training is available worldwide, requiring two humans: the student, and their video person. The DOuGTrainer currently supports remote, video clients in LA, Orlando, and the UK.