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  1. Hi there,

    I rescued a poodle/cocker (I think that’s what he is) back in May. He’s come a long way with sit/stay commands and is kennel trained, but things are going down hill with his aggression towards people, major anxiety, leash pulling, possessiveness, etc.

    He’s perfect with only me, but it’s unfortunately to the point where I can’t have anyone to the house, the vet won’t touch him and I’m not sure if he’s also stressing my other dog. Just not sure what to do! Wondering if you do free consultations and what your pricing looks like?

    Kaylin Jacoby

    1. Hi Kaylin,

      I sent you a private reply. It sounds like a classic high energy dog. Please give me a call. I need to know more about the dog and you before I can offer more detail.

      —The DOuG Trainer

  2. Just adopted 1 1/2 year old female bulldog/boxer mix. Tons of energy, sweet, but needs some basic training, impulse control, and manners. My Fiance’ and I could use some training too.

  3. I have a 5 yo great dane, fixed male that has had severe what we believe seperation anxiety and is being very destructive. Can you help?

  4. We just added a 9 week old golden doodle tour family. She seems really smart, and my husband and I would like you to train us so we can help our Lucy be the best dog she can be. How do we schedule an appointment with you?

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I emailed you about this directly. Did you get the training you needed?


      Doug Parker
      The DOuGTrainer

  5. Hello DOuG!!!

    I have a 14 week old German Shepherd (25%) mix and I have been working with him but I just feel I can’t go beyond the basic “sit”. I still working on potty training and that seems slow but to be honest this is my first puppy as I have always adopted older dogs so this is all new. If you could please email me with a quote and what it will include , I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Catriona,

      I emailed you about this directly. Did you get the training you needed?


      Doug Parker
      The DOuGTrainer

    1. Hi Tony,

      I emailed you directly. My puppy rates are reduced from the adult rates, but you’ll still learn all you need for establishing a strong, patient relationship with your puppy, prepping them for adulthood and a later refresher course on all the DOuGTrainer fundamentals. All classic training tricks come from the strength of the foundation, so be sure you get it right.

      Warm regards,

      Doug Parker
      The DOuGTrainer

  6. Hi Doug!
    I am following up on a nice message you wrote me about my aggressive 8 month old rescue. What you said( and the charts) really resonated with me but I did have a question. I’m sure you can tell I am nearly in tears over this but I feel like you really have the answer. I hope I can email you. Thank you!

  7. We are desperate. We have a one year old rescued (Jan ’18) terrier/poodle mix. She’s adjusting to us & our elderly lab pretty well. But, when family, friends, workmen, enter our home she becomes a barking nipping teeth showing Tasmanian devil on caffeine- and she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t wait for guests to give the silent treatment before beginning her tirade – if they should move to leave she nips at their heels continuing to bark at the boor behind them. Our son- in- law stayed in our guest room overnight last week – she barked at the closed door, finally fell asleep. It was a rough night for us all. In the morning my husband took the dogs outside – allowing only our Lab to spend time with our guest while he got ready to leave for his conference- he is staying at a hotel for the next two days – can you blame him? We love this crazy mutt and I thing she loves us too, but we are fearfull of our grandkids visiting and feel we are becoming isolated in our own home. Can you help us? Please reply.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I emailed you directly on this. It’s about the calm-and-energy, or the calm-and-excitement continuum. Your dog has won by being this way, although you’ll never know what the win was accomplishing. It’s not your job to figure that out–your job is to learn how to show her that she’s not doing her job, which is to be a calm and submissive follower, and that you’re her calm, patient leader. Yes, you can get there, and so can she.

      “What you envision is what you’ll create,” so call me and let’s talk. These issues are far too complex to go into by keyboard. Calling is so much more efficient on these sorts of things.

      Doug Parker
      The DOuGTrainer

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