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  1. Hi there,

    I rescued a poodle/cocker (I think that’s what he is) back in May. He’s come a long way with sit/stay commands and is kennel trained, but things are going down hill with his aggression towards people, major anxiety, leash pulling, possessiveness, etc.

    He’s perfect with only me, but it’s unfortunately to the point where I can’t have anyone to the house, the vet won’t touch him and I’m not sure if he’s also stressing my other dog. Just not sure what to do! Wondering if you do free consultations and what your pricing looks like?

    Kaylin Jacoby

    1. Hi Kaylin,

      I sent you a private reply. It sounds like a classic high energy dog. Please give me a call. I need to know more about the dog and you before I can offer more detail.

      —The DOuG Trainer

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